Olie Fatland

Olie Ingebright Fatland  Norwegian Given Name Ola Ingebriktsson

B: 1819

D: 1894 Buried at the Palestine Cemetery.

The State archives in Bergen Norway trace ancestors of Ole from the year 1750.  Olie arrived in the US in 1847 from the parish of Skaanevik in Norway. He originally settled at Lisbon Ill. in 1849.

Olie was one of the original four who helped procure the land for the immigrants coming to Palestine township.Ole, Astri, Eli, Britha and Oles sister Guri came to the USA in 1847.

Olie and Kari homesteaded the farm one mile North of Palestine church.  The first Sunday was held at Olie’s farm under a hay shed roof.  The first confirmation class was organized there and the first couple to be married in the new congregations was Ole Apland and Anna Ersland.  The marriage was performed by Rev. Ole Anfinson at the Fatland home.

Carl Fatland of Cambridge was Postmaster and a grandson of Olie.

Amanda Fatland was the first wife of Dr. Severson of Slater and is a granddaughter of Olie.

Parents and Siblings

Father : Ingebright Torsson

B: 1789

D: February 1834

Lost at sea while fishing.Ingebright bought a farm at Fatland in 1810, so that is the origin of the name. Fatland is located in Sunnhordland, near Aakre, and is a bowl- shaped piece of land nestled in the high cliffs overlooking the Aakre Fjord.

Olies Grand Father, Ingebright’s Father : Thor Olson Aakre

B: 1750

D: 1811


Elie Iversdotter


D: 1843

Olies siblings: Guri B:1812, Ingri B: 1815, Iver B: 1817 (died of small pox 1835), and Kari B: 1821

Wives and Children

Olie Married(1): Astri Olsdotter Spannsteigen in 1842 in NorwayAstri D: 1848 or 1849 of Cholera at Lisbon Ill.

Children:Of Astri and Ole

Elie (Ellen) B: Jan 1, 1843.  M: Anfin AnfinsonFarmer

Britha B: May 12, 1845 D: shortly after arrival in the USA possibly Cholera

Olie Married(2):
Kari Petersdatter Ytrenass Hansen Ness 1849 (changed to Ness in USA) Hanson 1849.Died: 1913.  Buried at the Palestine Cemetery. The State archives in Bergen Norway trace ancestors of Ole from the year 1745. Kari arrived in the U.S. in 1847 from the parish of Skaanevik in Norway.

Kari’s Father:

Kari’s mother: was Seri Pedersdatter Yttrenaes.

Kari was first married to: John Hanson (Ollestveit) also died of Cholera at Lisbon before they came to Palestine.



Sri Yttrenae’s (changed to Sara Ness in U.S) Married: Baard Nilson (changed to Barny Hill in U.S.)

Children: Of Kari and Olie 


Brit O.B: April 5, 1852 Kendall County Ill. Cambridge Merchant. M: Elsa Berhard Children: Cora, Oscar, Willie, Nettie, Olive Bernetta, Lonora, Henrietta, and Vidah L.

John  B: November 25, 1849

Henry: Furniture dealer at Cambridge M: Martha Helleland

Peter: Farmer in Wright County M: Larson 

Oley: School teacher in Story County and studying medicine in Iowa City.

Sarah:Dealer of furniture, carpets, pianos, organs, and sewing machines at Cambridge. M: Lewis A. Larson Children: Cara Ryan


Mary: D: as a baby

Carl: Farmer in Story County


Esther D: at age 13.

Kari and John had one child John B: November 25, 1849 M: Sarah Heggen