Who Came Before Us

Ballard Settlers to the Area

According to research done by desendants of the Ballards….March 9, 1848 brothers Dan and Morman Ballard settled near this site becoming the first white settlers of what was to become Story County. Their nephew, Elias Ballard, Adam Ballard’s son was born near this location on November 15, 1848. Becoming the first white child born in Story County. Simeon Ballard, father of Dan, Morman and Adam, passed away in 1850. He was the first white person buried in Story County at Ballard's Grove Cemetery, Section 24, Inactive.

Palestine Settlers - First Group 111

The following information comes from the BRIEF HISTORY First Norwegian Settlement Story and Polk Counties in Iowa.

The group chose May 17th, (Norway’s day of liberty) 1855 as their day of departure from Lisbon, Ill. to head to their new lands in Iowa.

The Names of the emigrants are as follows: Rev. Olie Anfinson and wife Ingerie, and daughter Carine . . . Osmond and Anna Sheldhal and children Caroline, Erick, Halvor, Henry and Randy . . . Erick and Margaret Sheldahl and children Betsy, Randy, Erick and Martha . . . Olie and Carrie Fatland and children John, Elie, Britt, and Henry . . . Knute and Carrie Ersland and children Hactor, Madts, Anna, Anfin, Martha, Elias, Carrie, Engeborg and Amos.

Knute and Carrie Boug . . . Ivor and Malinde Tweet and daughter Martha . . . Barney and Sarah Hill, and daughter Betsy . . . Peter Christian and Serina Heggem . . . Lars and Martha Tesdahl . . . Wier and Martha Weeks and children Anfin, Halvor, Torres, Wier, Engeborg, Martha, and Hans.

Severt and Allis Gravdahl and children, Julia and Andrew. . . Askel and Golla Larson and children, Lars, Thomas and Charls . . . Orga and Ragna Hauge and children, Severt, Sarah, Lars, and Anna.

Torbjorn and Madela Houge and children Sarah and Guste . . . Olie and Valbor Hauge and son John . . . John and Bertha Severson and children Mary, John and Severt . . . Salemon and Sarrah Heggen and children Andrew, Nels and Olie.

Olie and Anna Heggen . . . Engebrit and Sarah Heggen and daughter Susana . . . Torger and Gertrud Olson and children, Cecelia, Olie, George and Martha . . . Mrs. Julia Shaw and children, Betsy, Thomas, and Erick . . . Mrs. Torres Olson and children, Hellen and Rasmus . . . Mrs. Ragna Larson and step-daughter, Anna Wee. . . . Five young men: Lars Thompson, Olie Apland, Olie Tesdahl, Erick Johnson, Eiven Olson.

Palestine Settlers 2nd Group

According to the BRIEF HISTORY First Norwegian Settlement Story and Polk Counties in Iowa.

The 2nd group were ready to start on May 17th with the 111 but didn’t go at that time because they waited for Simen Johnson to be born.

Other Family Sir Names

Other families that are important to Huxley History are listed here in Alphabetical order. (this is a work in progress if you have something that should be added please let me know)

Dobbe, Andrew Lars

Kalsem, Faltin

Sydness, Nels R.  Thanks so much to Penny Sydnes Thiessen who took the time to help us straiten all these guys out!

Sydnes, Niels Sjursson