Olson, Torger


B:1824 Etne, Norway

D:1900 He is buried at a cemetery near Slater.


Parents and Siblings

Osmonds Father: Bailiff (Lensmand)

Osmonds brothers were: Lars, Rasmus, Erik, Haldor, they were all teachers in Norway before immigrating to America.

To read more about the Sheldahl’s or the Immigration from Norway to Iowa Click here.   A teacher in Norway before he immigrated to America in 1846 Osmond farmed in Kendall Co Ill. before moving to Story Co. Iowa. He was one of the four original men sent to acquire land in Story Co for the Palestine settlers. Its likely he was chosen because of his ability to speak English and his education. Osmond and his wife Anna with their children came to Story Co with the original 111, from Lisbon, Ill.1855. The first church service in Palestine community was held at the Sheldahl farm June 10, 1855 under the hay shed, one mile East of Huxley and Osmond served as the pastor of the Palestine church from 1859-1878.

Wives and Children

Osmond Married (1): Anna Tesdahl in 1845 in Norway before moving to the US.  Anna was Born: 1818, Died: July 5, 1881.

Osmond Married (2): Anna Twedt – 1882.  Anna Twedt Anna’s sister was Mary Dobbe


Children:  (that came with the original 111)  Osmond had 13 children between his two wives.
Caroline M: Lewis
Erick Listed as the land owner on the 1908 plat map.
Randy CarolineB: October 9, 1847 Kendal Co. Ill. D: Feb 23, 1887. Married: Lars O. LarsonRandy Married (2): Jonas Lewis June 8, 1867Jonas B: July 13, 1842. Immigrated from Stavanger March 10, 1864.  Came to Iowa June 8 1864.

Osmond moved to the town of Sheldahl (which was named after him) after a falling out with J.K. Myhre over Palestine church policy.  He helped to establish churches in both Huxley and Sheldahl in addition to being an active circuit riding preacher.

E.R. Sheldahl (possibly Osmonds brother) continued on with Jonas Duea, Pual Thompson and Mons Grove,  up the North Skunk River in 1856 when they found the Palestine area all claimed and no homestead land left.