Lars O. Larson

DOB:May 28, 1850 Kendall Co. Ill.

M:Randy Sheldahl 9-13-1873.

DOD:June 11, 1933

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Parents and Siblings

Lars’ Parents: Oscar (Askel) and Golla (Tegland) Larson Stole.  Both immigrants from Etne, Sonhordland, Norway, to the US on July 4, 1849.  They settled in Kendall Co. Ill. where they farmed until 1855.  Also a black smith Oscar was instrumental in building covered wagons needed for the caravan to Iowa.  Making the trip to Iowa in 1855 he farmed until retirement when his son Lars took over his farm.

Lar’s Siblings: (that came with the original 111) Thomas, and Charls

Lars was 5 years when they came to Iowa with the original 111 and he remembers his mother Golla hanging buckets of cream from the ceiling of the wagon and how it turned to butter by morning.

Lars was the President of the Huxley Savings Bank in 1912.  Carrie remembers that if cost $1500 to build the bank in 1901.  Some of the cashiers she remembers were S.B. Lie, Louie Sheldahl and Ira Melass.  Ira later became the principal of the school.

Marriages & Children

M:Randy Sheldahl 9-13-1873.