Kalsem, Faltin

Faltin Kalsem B:1794 D:1846  

The Kalshiem Gaard in near Nedstrand, Norway, in the southwest part of Norway, near the top of the mountain. The name means cold home, as Kals in Norwegian means cold and Hiem means home. The spelling of the name was changed to Kalsem in America. Here Falten Kalshiem raised his family.

Parents and Siblings



Marriages & Children

Faltin Married: June 23, 1828 Svanaug Pededatter B: 1806 D:?
Bolita- B:1828 – D:1919 M: Jacob Strom
Pere- B:1831 – D: ? M: Ellen Marie
Faltin- B:1833 – D:1853 Had a clothing store on main street.
Soron Valintine- B: August 14,1836 – D: April 8, 1926. Military service 1864 Civil war 7th Iowa, co. C. Oskaloosa, Iowa. M: Serena Strom B: 1838 D: 1926
Anna- B:1842 – D:1845
Anna- B:1846 – D:1846
John Valentine- B: May 20, 1839 D: January 28, 1922. M: Martha Cleveland B:1835 – D:1926.