Heggem, Peter Christian

Thompson, Lars

Peter Christian Heggem – changed to Heggen in USA.

B:1820 ish. in Norway.



Parents and Siblings

Marriages & Children

Christian Married: Serina (Sarena N.)B:1826 in Norway.

Information came form the 1880 Palestine township census for children living at home.

Thomas O. HEGGEM Son 21 B: 1859 IA

Olive HEGGEM Son 19 B: 1861 IA

Severen HEGGEM Son 17 B: 1863 IA

Isabelle M. HEGGEM Dau 15 B:1865 IA

Sarah A. HEGGEM Dau 13 B:1867 IA

Peter Son 10 B:1870 IA